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Online Casino security

online casino securityThis is the question that tormented many casino games fans since the online establishments open their doors to customers. They were the result of players asking for more convenient way of enjoying their favorite games and they could at one point replace the land-based venues altogether. They score high marks in terms of expediency and offer a plethora of games, including titles that are not available in land-based casinos.

The issue of security used to be the only obstacle for those who promoted online casinos, as these fears had a deterring effect on prospective customers. It took a while for the online ventures to convince players that they enforce strict rules and that they take privacy and security seriously. Nowadays, most of the worries have been put to rest but there are still people concerned about the safety of their funds and personal data when playing online.

Identifying a safe online casino

It is very easy to find a land-based casino that is trustworthy, as glamorous venues that are located in big cities act as a magnet for locals and tourists alike. Players are right to assume that the authorities are well aware of what happens within their walls, so they are not frightened by the prospect of being cheated. In order to find a safe online casino, a similar method can be used, as players are unlikely to fail if they focus on the most prominent brands.

An online casino that has been around for many years and is a part of a group operating worldwide, is less likely to steal from its clients. They make their money by charging rake or entry fees in some games, while using random number generators to determine the outcome of other titles. Big online casinos are working with equally big audit companies, who act as independent contractors and constantly search for flaws. The auditors are only as good as their reputation, so they are unwilling to make compromises and will sound the alarm if they notice that something is wrong with a certain online casino.

Customer reviews are another way of distinguishing between honest operators and rogue online casinos, so prospective clients are recommended to read as many as possible. Keep in mind that it is always possible to stumble upon comments written by the casinos themselves or people paid to write them. On the bright side, the Internet is so broad and impossible to control that if you dig deep enough you will find plenty of criticism. Customer reviews are an invaluable tool for making an educated decision.

Software developers and licensing jurisdictions

A land-based casino in a third world country, is by no means safer than an online casino license in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar or Malta to name but a few. It also pays off to go a step further with research and see who is behind the casino, by reading the about us section. There are also independent websites that review casinos and post comments written by disgruntled customers, while running their own investigations on such topics.

Those who believe that players can't be tricked in brick-and-mortar casinos are naïve, because the odds of being cheated are higher than in online establishments. Dealers, pit bosses and staff in general are more likely to act against the player than a random number generator. Software developers such as Playtech, Wagerworks, Crypotologic and Microgaming power trustworthy online casinos. They are strict on licensing, so customers have very little to worry about the integrity of the games using their random number generator.

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